archlinux/manjaro 下 安装 qq/tim

参考资料:install qq/tim on linux with wine


This tutorial introduces how to install QQ/TIM in Linux with Wine, which had been tested on ArchLinux with Wine 2.4.


Before start, you need to get the latest Wine. I’m not sure whether QQ/TIM can run on lower version of Wine. In ArchLinux, you can easily get the latest Wine using following command:


However, in Debian, you need to install Wine with some more steps. You can see this tutorial.

Then, you need to install a helper of Wine, Winetricks. Winetricks is a script to download and install various redistributable runtime libraries needed to run some programs in Wine. To install Winetricks, you can use following command:


After that, we need to fix some problems manually caused by Winetricks. According to this Bug Report, we need to download  W2KSP4_EN.EXE from other mirror sites:

Similarly, we need to download  InstMsiW.exe manually:


Initialize Wine Environment

To create a 32-bit WINE system, you need to open a terminal and run the following command:


Then you need to run  winecfg in terminal and change Windows version to  Windows 7.

Install Core Fonts

Next, we are going to install essential fonts for Wine.

where  corefonts stands for MS Arial, Courier, Times fonts, and  cjkfonts denotes all Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts and alias.

Install Windows Components

Then, we need to install components which are need by QQ / TIM.

where  msxml6 represents MS XML Core Services 6.0 SP1,  riched20 and  riched30 mean MS RichEdit Control 2.0 and MS RichEdit Control 3.0 respectively, and  vcrun6 is Visual C++ 6 SP4 libraries.

You are supposed to be asked to fill in information during the MSXML6 installation.

Install QQ / TIM

In this section, we are about to install QQ / TIM. We are assume that you have already get installers from official website. Run your installer with following command:

In this tutorial, we use TIM installer as an example:

Please be patient and ignore following error message in terminal:

[8:142:0322/131343:4128351:ERROR:qd_helper.cpp(234)] 328 Status: 2

An instance of QQ / TIM will automatically started after installation finished.

Due to security check of QQ / TIM, QQ cannot start normally when you restart your PC. We need to apply a patch to remove security check components. You can download this patch from this link or search “QQ安全校验补丁” from the Internet.

After unzip this patch, use following commands to apply this patch:


Create Shortcut

Now you can start QQ using following commands:


In order to start up QQ / TIM, you can create a desktop entry in  /usr/share/applications/TIM.desktopas follows: